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I charge only if I fix the problem or

properly diagnose it.

This is straight and forward repair service for all types of computers and pheripherials in attractive price. You pay only if I deliver results so there is no stress that you might be charged for nothing. Travel to customers premisses in Co. Louth, Meath up to Navan and Finglas up to Balbriggan is free of charge. I charge 15 € for travel to North Dublin or Dublin City Centre and Co. Meath beyond Navan. Any further distance is subject to separate quotation. I charge nothing for travel if I do not manage to fix the problem. Sometimes it might be nesesery for me to collect customers device and repair it in our premisses, collections and returns are free of charge in Drogheda Town. 10 € is charged in 25 km radius and 20 € from 25 to 50 km. You can also bring your computer to me. There are examples of orientation prices for particular repairs in services section to give you an idea of the most possible cost for most typical service. Prices do not cover eventual parts involved in repair or software purchased from me.
You pay only if I repair your computer or troubleshoot software issue. I want to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and build reliable, prosperous business in a long run. My intention is to help solve all kinds of hardware and software problems and leave customers happy and satisfied with my service. 
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For computer repair service in Drogheda call: 0870531782
You pay only if my computer repair service is effective
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